Learn about the Team at Michigan State Housing Development Authority Bonds, including our Chief Financial Officer, Chief Accountant, and Investment Specialist.

Photo of Jeff Sykes

Jeff Sykes

Chief Financial Officer
(517) 335-4893

Jeffrey J. Sykes was appointed the Director of the Division of Finance in May 2008.  As of 2016, Mr. Sykes’ title was changed to Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Sykes joined the Authority staff in 1988. Since joining the Authority, Mr. Sykes has served as an Auditor, Accountant, Chief Accountant, Financial Manager, Interim Director of Finance, Director of Finance and now as the Chief Financial Officer.

Jason Fedewa

Chief Accountant
(517) 335-6990

Jason Fedewa was named Chief Accountant in June 2018.  Mr. Fedewa joined the Authority staff in 2009. Since joining the Authority, Mr. Fedewa has served as a Financial Analyst, Accountant, and Chief Accountant.

Derek Smith

Investment Specialist

Derek Smith was appointed the Investment Specialist in October 2018.  Mr. Smith joined the Authority staff in 1998.

Carey Wey

Disclosure Coordinator
(517) 335-2015

Carey Wey joined MSHDA in 2011 and has worked as a Disclosure Coordinator in the Finance Division since February 2017.